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KCTS Treefrog Loss and Waste software solutions are integrated performance measurement and analysis tools, delivering all the information necessary for effective Performance Management direct to your desktop: The software monitors the improvement programs to check that a sustainable solution has been found, and provide a longer term view for the occurrence of similar trends. Featuring drill down analysis on the manufacturing losses under study, this will enable you to understand where the manufacturing losses are occurring, allowing you to prioritise the manufacturing losses based on clear and concise information.

Loss & Waste Software Solutions.

Manufacturing Software Solutions.

The software has been developed to be flexible to enable manufacturing sites to adapt the KCTS Treefrog Loss and Waste system as they develop and improve their manufacturing operations.

This is archived by utilising a multi-threaded system architecture based on data management philosophy. This enables the data to be manipulated by site, process, line, and component, dependent on your configuration.



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